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In 2014, our founder Kelly L. turned to her passion for beautiful and sophisticated home decor and decided to get into the business. She set up the business to sell home furnishings such as furniture and lighting. Kelly’s business sets the standard for product design, customer service, supply chain models, and top-quality products.

After rapid development and growth, business ecology is gaining more and more integrity. The quality of our products, our ability to identify new opportunities in the market, and our people-first approach to business have facilitated our expansion beyond single-family homes into condominiums and commercial uses. Additionally, by embracing modern technologies and customer engagement strategies as they emerge, we have been able to continuously refine our best-in-class approach to multi-channel wholesaling and retailing.

Today, Homeangel LLC has established multiple supply chains, factories, and laboratories, and has become one of the largest e-commerce vendors in the United States, offering some of the home furnishings industry’s best-known and best-loved products across a variety of online channels and brick-and-mortar locations.