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The planet needs urgent progress to combat the negative impacts of climate change. As a multinational wholesaler with a global supply chain, the decisions we make have the potential to create a more sustainable system while reducing our emissions.

By managing resources responsibly, we increase our capacity to adapt to resource shortages, climate uncertainty, changing technologies, and future environmental and social challenges. From the beginning, we have embedded sustainability within our supply chain, where we have been able to make a significant impact on responsible materials and labor.


Product packaging and recycling remain daunting challenges, and in 2022, we will begin a major initiative to convert our packaging from color boxes to recyclable materials such as cardboard, and we are working to reduce overall packaging volume and reduce packaging printing pollution, replace the internal shock absorption for more environmentally friendly materials and structures.


We are constantly striving to improve operational efficiency and minimize the risk of fluctuating energy costs. We do this by strategically managing procurement, improving supply chain structures, establishing independent laboratories, and leveraging incentives for renewable energy. Our lighting products include the development of a wide range of LED bulbs, leading the design of energy-efficient lighting.


When we empower employees in our supply chain, they can reach their full potential and enhance their families and communities in the process. We provide countless jobs to underdeveloped areas, helping them get better wages and better benefits.


We strive to provide our customers with high-quality, safe products, maintain efficient, safe, and ethical production facilities, and minimize damage to environmentally harmful emissions. We adhere to the manufacturing philosophy of continuous improvement, relying on our clear standards, measurement, benchmarking, continuous improvement, and continuous innovation, in pursuit of better ways to meet our goals.

Our vision for a best-in-class compliance program positions management systems as a key component in creating long-term improvements in working conditions in our supply chain.

Additionally, we invest in developing and delivering targeted training and capacity-building programs for suppliers that directly address organizational priorities such as factory health and safety. High standards of labor practices are aligned with our company values and contribute to a strong and resilient supply chain.